Room Parents

Room Parents have not yet been assigned for 2017-18. Check back soon for the update.

Room Parents are essential to the learning environment of our elementary classrooms. Please support these room parents as they facilitate communication between the teachers and parents regarding events, volunteering, parties, etc.

K 1 2 3 4 5 6

*Grade Level Coordinator


  • Mrs. Burlingame
  • Mrs. Barnard
  • Mrs. Donelson

First Grade

  • Mrs. Baker  
  • Mrs. Garcia
  • Mrs. Brewer 

Second Grade

  • Mrs. Blumhorst  
  • Mrs. Kindall
  • Mrs. Blankenship 
  • Mrs. Daniels 

3rd Grade 

  • Mrs. Swezy  
  • Mrs. Byrne  
  • Mrs. Rosson 

Fourth Grade

  • Mrs. Driskill 
  • Mrs. Vaughn 
  • Mrs. Kralicek
  • Mrs. Miller    

5th Grade

  • Mrs. Twenter   
  • Mrs. Hubbard  
  • Mrs. Danner 

6th Grade

  • Mrs. Benton 
  • Ms. Bennett 
  • Mr. Cunningham
  • 6th grade Committee Coordinators 

*Grade Level Coordinator

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